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'Bakery Boss' helps ‘Drew’s Pastry Place’ in Houston on TLC

Last night's episode of “Bakery Boss” found Buddy Valastro in Houston, Texas to visit Drew’s Pastry Place.

Drew's Pastry Place signature cannoli cupcake

As Buddy arrived in Houston, he went to the bakery to visit with Drew Rogers, who owns the only Italian pastry shop in Houston. Drew grew up in New Jersey, so he and Buddy are kindred spirits. After Drew graduated from pastry school at the age of 40, his mother, Joan used her 401k to open his shop. His father pays the rent, and right now, they are $600,000 in debt for the five years they are in business and are losing about $5,000 a month.

So Buddy tasted a few items; tiramisu was given an eight by Buddy. The cannoli was a nine. When Buddy asked for a cupcake, it was Drew’s downfall. Cupcakes are not in his wheelhouse, but Buddy knows what they can do for sales. Drew had only one cupcake, a red velvet and the icing was horrible and now Drew was livid. When Buddy confronted the family, he stated that cupcakes are a popular item. Drew said that any monkey can make cupcakes, and Buddy pointed to himself and asked if he knew how many cupcakes this monkey sells in a week?

Now Buddy questioned the family asking if they catered to all the people of Houston, not only the transplants from up North? Jack chimed in that Carla; Drew's wife was adamant about adding cupcakes to their line, and Drew just insisted that he did not want to do this. Buddy questioned why Drew would not add them, and his father stated that Drew was an artist. Buddy then asked if he wanted to be a starving artist or a successful bakery owner? Buddy told him that if he did not want to cater to everyone, then close the door now.

Buddy got a tour from Drew, his kitchen was in good shape and clean. When Buddy saw the bucket of cream cheese icing, he knew why the cupcakes were terrible. Buddy showed him how to make a great cream cheese icing. But as hard a Buddy tried; Drew would not make cupcakes, and could not believe that it was the reason they were failing and after a rant, Drew walked out. Now Buddy is not sure Drew wants his help.

Buddy met with the family at Drew and Carla’s house and told them that he could not fix the bakery until the family was fixed. They had a very emotional meeting, and now they know that as a family, they will do whatever must be done and Drew will check his ego at the door.

The next day, Buddy set up two tables in a popular outdoor venue. One table contained Drew’s items, and the other had items that Buddy considers best sellers with eye appeal. They will ask people to choose one item from either table. Buddy’s table won, hands down, and Drew finally saw the light. Drew did a cannoli cupcake using his creativity and made his signature item.

When Buddy met with Anita, his designer, they discussed the changes to the interior. As they got busy transforming the place, the family came to see the changes. It was an emotional awakening for them, the new interior was so inviting and warm and the new offerings at the bakery were a huge hit. When the long lines of people were waiting outside, they were ready with a great new line of foods that appealed to all ages. Drew is now open to suggestions and will gladly listen to hear what people want.

After two months, he sent Buddy a message that “this monkey is making cupcakes” and sent a video of the different kinds of cupcakes. Carla even has to help out after work because they are so busy. Drew is a changed man and the family is happy once again, thanks to Buddy, the “Bakery Boss” and his crew.

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