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Bakersfield and Arizona - closer than we think


  • Ron Raphoon 5 years ago

    Clearly you don't understand Bakersfield. We want to keep the traditions that this country was founded upon. The Christian principles that made us the great nation that we were until about 50 years ago when people like you emerged. Tolerance and acceptance are different things, we need to be tolerant of each other, but I don't have to agree with or accept the view points of those different from me. We want people to become American's, not hyphenated Americans. I don't care where you came from or what your heritage is, if you want to be an American then be an American and adopt your heritage, otherwise go back to the place that believes the way you do.

  • Mona 5 years ago

    Perhaps you are right. I'm sure that Native Americans would be happy to have their land back.

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