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Baked Sausage and Fontina Sandwiches

Today's recipe is a sandwich that can be eaten for lunch or dinner, depending on how hungry you are. It is called 'Baked Sausage and Fontina Sandwiches' They cheesy gooey sandwich is a great comfort food for a big group or just yourself. Here is a review and the recipe link. 'I am rating it high because I make a Louisiana sausage bread and this is compares to it. But I like Italian sausage and with all ingredients this shall be GOOOOOOD. '

Some of the best sandwich shoppes are in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Here are a few and the restaurant link. 'Cutty's is know for pork sandwiches and Micheal's Deli is best known for there Corn Beef. Visit to find a place that serves your favorite.

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