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Bake your cherries in a pastry: Celebrate National Cherry Turnovers Day

A special food holiday is about to be celebrated. Will this be a sweet, tart or savory one? That all depends upon which type of cherry you pick and how ripe they are.

Celebrate National Cherry Turnovers Day
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August 28 is the designated day commemorating the food holiday called “National Cherry Turnovers Day”! For many getting a chance to enjoy this treat is a sweet deal. Turnovers are a classic type of dessert and have been known to be stuffed with a variety of fillings.

Some turnovers which for the most part are a puff pastry wrapped around a filing that is then baked until it achieves a golden brown coloring over the outside of the pastry. Depending upon the recipe some turnovers actually have been fried to get the desired taste, color and texture to the pastry. The most common turnover is the apple turnover although they have been known to be filled with cherries, peaches, plums and nectarines. Others have also been filled with ice cream, portable meats or vegetables as well as cream cheese.


  • Cherries have been brought into the northern part of America back in the 1600’s by the English colonists.
  • In the United States alone there are over 1,000 varieties of cherries.
  • To obtain a full pound of cherries you need on average about 44 of these luscious fruit orbs.
  • In Ireland, the term turnover actually refers to a type of white bread found in Dublin.
  • Cherries were considered a prized food item in China that was fit for royalty.
  • A cherry tree can produce as much as 800 cherries for an average year’s crop.
  • Americans individually consume approximately 1.5 pounds of cherries every year.

Eat a sweet French-style treat today and enjoy a cherry turnover to celebrate “National Cherry Turnovers Day!”

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