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Bake sale at Lake Dallas to benefit SpiritHorse therapy center

A fan of SpiritHorse
A fan of SpiritHorse
Kristina Kent

SpiritHorse, a horseback riding therapy program for kids with disabilities in Corinth, Texas, needs your support to stay in operation.

Some local families are organizing a bake sale on Saturday, Aug. 7, at Lake Dallas Community Center from 1:30 - 3:30 to support SpiritHorse. They will also be accepting loose change donations.

Contact Kristina for more information or if you want to donate baked goods.

In July, SpiritHorse reported a study showing their equine-assisted therapy has cured nine children with autism in the past five years.

The therapy is free to families with disabilities, saving parents an estimated $600,000 per year.

SpiritHorse needs the support to continue to benefit local counties, either with online donations or by attending the bake sale.


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