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Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon: Salted Caramel Gelato

Delicious salted caramel gelato topped with Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon
Delicious salted caramel gelato topped with Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon

If you've ever worked in an Irish bar or pub, you're no stranger to Bailey's Irish Cream. This delicious Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur makes a perfect dessert cocktail served over ice. Last year, Bailey's introduced Vanilla Cinnamon, which was met with mixed reviews. Some drink experts claimed it was far too sweet and that the vanilla flavor lingered unnecessarily long. However, while this Bailey's variation isn't the best served alone over ice, it's a nice liqueur to add to specialty cocktails and desserts.

For this recipe you'll need a sugar cookie mix and an oatmeal cookie mix (try Betty Crocker). Combine these cookie mixes into one large bowl and follow the directions on the back of the package.

Next, take a baking sheet and grease it with unsalted butter. Add a little more butter to your sugar cookie-oatmeal mixed and crumble it into pieces. Add the crumbles to your cookie sheet and place in your oven for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Check on it periodically to make sure the crumbles don't burn. They should be golden, but not too crispy.


1 pint salted caramel gelato
1 oz. Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon (per rock glass)
2 rock glasses
1 oz whipped cream (per glass)

Once your crumbles have baked, set aside until they're warm. Add the warm crumbles to your rock glass, top with salted caramel gelato and 1 oz Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon. Top each glass with whipped cream and garnish with additional cookie crumbles.

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