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Bailee Madison kicks off Play in May benefit for Starlight Children's Foundation

Actress Bailee Madison poses alongside Edward at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.
Actress Bailee Madison poses alongside Edward at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.
Richard Shotwell, AP-Invision permission granted

I recently had the pleasure of talking to teen celebrity and star of the "Trophy Wife" about a very special event which begins today, the Play in May event to benefit Starlight Children's Foundation.

Tell me a little bit about the Starlight Children’s Foundation, what does it do and who does it benefit.

Starlight Children’s is a foundation that focuses on caring for the children and families across the world hoping to better their lives and spread smiles during a tough situation.

What about your involvement with the Starlight Children’s Foundation? What will you be doing with them?

I have had the honor to work for Starlight for almost 7 years now... Through Starlight I'm able to visit children's hospitals, host twitter parties to help spread the word about their wonderful work and host some of their events.

Out of all the organizations that must approach you why did you select this one to work with?

Every foundation is wonderful in their own way, however I really connect with Starlight Children's Foundation because it truly understands that it's not just the child that is affected by the situation it's the entire family. I respect them for that so much.

What are you most excited about, while working with them?

I'm so excited that this May, people across the country can join me by signing up for the new Play in May campaign. On May 1, people can pledge to play 15 minutes a day for 15 days - from video games, to sports, to board games with the entire family!!!

What do you personally hope to accomplish through the Play in May event?

What I hope to accomplish through Play in May is for people of every age to come together and PLAY to help RAISE AWARENESS for these children and their families. We all love to play so let's play together to help an amazing cause!!

What do you recommend to other teens that want to get involved with this or any other non-profit organization? How can they get involved and what are some things they can do?

If you would like to donate to starlight you can visit their website , you can find an event and support their cause in your area, or you can even join their fundraising movement!!

Or you can find another charity, (or even create your own!) I recommend finding something you’re truly passionate about and go for it! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Thank you so much Bailee for taking the time to share with us about this important organization and how we can all Play in May.

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