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Bail Set For Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Mug Shot
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Yes, Justin Bieber was arrested this morning on charges of DUI, resisting arresting, and driving with a suspended license. This all occurred after the 19 year old pop star was caught drag racing in a residential neighborhood in Miami Beach. Reports are now saying that bail has been set for Bieber at $2,500.

Reports also say that Bieber has admitted to drinking alcohol, taking prescription medication, and smoking marijuana to Police.

Of course, it is expected that bail will be set at any minute and Bieber will be released.

R & B Singer Khailil has been identified as the other driver in this incident. He was also arrested for DUI and bail should be set for him soon

Reports from the TMZ website state that Bieber has hired well known defense attorney Roy Black to handle his case.

One can read more about this case at such sites as: and

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