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Bahia Bisharat: Still missing after two weeks

Still searching for Bahia Bisharat

Munira Quader hasn't slept well in 2 weeks, the sounds in her head tormenting her. She is the mother of Bahia Bisharat, who disappeared on March 19, just 3 days before her graduation from nursing school, and 6 days before her 19th birthday. Quader said, “I imagine her screaming and yelling all the time. That’s in my head all the time, but I hope she’s safe.”

Bahia's family and friends believe it completely impossible that she is missing on her own free will, insisting that she must have been abducted. However, St. Peters, Missouri police say they cannot definitively say either way. There is no signs of foul play and no evidence of any kind of crime. She is not believed to have any boyfriends, with family members saying she was very focused on her education and career, and not concerning herself with boys and marriage at such a young age.

According to her fellow students at St. Charles Community College in Dardenne Prairie, MO, Bahia did arrive at school on March 19, but she didn't attend any of her classes. They said she appeared to be nervous and fidgety, repeatedly checking her iPad and looking out windows. It sounds like she may have been waiting for someone, but who? Did Bahia have a boyfriend she had never mentioned?

Another theory is that she may have been abducted. Right around the same time she went missing, a fellow student at the same college, who closely resembles Bahia was accosted at an area Target store. A man had stood by the rear of her car, waiting for her to get out. When she attempted to walk past him, he grabbed her. Luckily, she managed to get away and alert store security, who escorted her back out to her car and watched her as she drove away.

One main source of controversy in this case is the note found in Bahia's abandoned car. It simply said "Goodbye." Police believe this lends itself to a voluntary disappearance, but Quader says the handwriting is not that of her daughter.

A search was held on Saturday at the August A Busch Wildlife area, just a 10 minute drive from the college, where the last known sighting of Bahia occurred. Nothing for certain belonging to the missing teen was recovered, but they did find a torn bra strap and makeup, which may or may not have some significance to the case. What made them choose this area to look?

Where is Bahia? Do you think she just decided to walk away from her life? Or has she been abducted? For continued coverage of this and other cases, like this writer on Facebook.

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