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Bahia Bisharat search continues

Bahia Bisharat has been missing for 10 days.
Bahia Bisharat has been missing for 10 days.
Bisharat family

The family of Bahia Bisharat has scheduled a Saturday morning search, in the area of St. Charles Community College in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, the last known sighting of the missing teen. She hasn't been seen or heard from since March 19. Investigators with the St. Charles County Sheriff's Office will not be participating, as they say the area has been throughly searched already and there is no sign of her.

Bahia did arrived at the campus that morning, and was seen by friends, but didn't attend any classes. When she didn't come home at all that night, her mother went to the campus on March 20 and found her car in the parking lot, unlocked, keys in the ignition. Also inside the car were Bahia's possessions and a note that said "Goodbye." Did Bahia write this and just walk away from her life?

Investigators say there is no signs of foul play, but her family continues to believe she has been abducted. The Samsung tablet and debit card that went missing with Bahia have not been used, and there has been no sign of her. Earlier in the week, a sighting of her at a restaurant nearly 3 hours away garnered some attention, but in the end, it wasn't her. There was also a report of an attempted abduction of fellow student at Bahia's college, which is concerning, especially added to the multiple attempted child abductions in that area recently. Was the beautiful teen abducted?

Still, her family does not believe she would run away. Her disappearance occurred just 3 days before her graduation from nursing school, something she has been extremely focused on, as well as her 19th birthday. Relatives close to her say she had no boyfriends, saying her career focus and general just being young and living life made her reject the idea of dating and marriage at this time. So, where is Bahia? She is 5'10", 140 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes. If you have seen her, or know anything about her disappearance, please call 911.