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Bahamas boat accident: American tourist dies after holiday weekend crash

A Bahamas boat accident left one American tourist dead
Via Wikimedia Commons

A Memorial Day weekend Bahamas boat accident left an American tourist dead after her vessel collided with a reef. Yahoo! News shared the details available so far regarding the accident that left Paloma de Mazieres, 25, dead.

Few details regarding the Bahamas boat accident have been shared as of yet. It is known that the boat de Mazieres was in hit the Turtle Rock reef near South Bimini at some point Sunday night. Sadly Paloma was apparently ejected from the boat and she was later pronounced dead from her injuries.

Authorities indicate that the specifics regarding the Bahamas boat accident are currently under investigation. It is not known who else was with de Mazieres at the time of the accident, and no arrests have been made. Investigators have not yet indicated whether there were any issues of negligence or anything that would lead them to believe arrests will be coming.

An autopsy on Paloma de Mazieres is slated to be done later this week. The Bahamas boat accident is one of several that occurred during the busy holiday weekend that left Americans injured or dead, and many online are noting how busy the waters can be during these holidays. Oftentimes unskilled boaters make critical mistakes in terms of safety or navigation in the midst of busy waters. However, the authorities have not yet specified any such particular details in the case of this Bahama boat accident that led to Paloma de Mazieres' death.

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