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Bags – Something We All Love

Bags – Something We All Love
Bags – Something We All Love

Bags are probably considered to be the most important accessory a woman can have. Women are forever searching the perfect bag to go with the outfits already at home. With so many colors, shapes, textures and designs available, matching them and with your clothes can sometimes be challenging.

Generally, matching a bag with an outfit takes into account the colors of each and it is made after two criteria:

1. Matching complementary colors: you choose two or three contrasting colors. This contrast produces a strong visual effect, suitable to both girls and young women, giving them a chic and dynamic air;

2. Matching similar colors or the ones that are close in shade: being similar colors, you create a delicate visual effect, in accordance with office wear or events that require a more conservative outfit.

How to choose the right bag for your clothes at home

Bags for white clothes – as white is the purest color, is goes with every all the others. Generally, white outfits are light, casual and are worn in your free time or on holidays, during the summer. You could choose a bag that is pale yellow, purple-lilac or pink. But if the white outfit is something you wear at the office, then get a bag that is in shades of lilac, violet, navy blue or burgundy.

Bags for blue clothes – blue is one of the colors that are easily matched. To a blue coat, you could perfectly match a red bag. A more conservative approach would be choosing a gray bag and for a less official occasion, a nice match would be having a darker shade of blue for your clothes and a bag that is navy blue, dark purple, dark emerald green or pale beige.

Bags for black clothes – a lot of women prefer black, as it goes with everything and is really easy to match. A classic example is to match black with red or with white. Simply put, as long as you wear black, you can choose any color for your bag.

Bags for brown clothes – this color kind of limits your bag choice because the shades that go with brown aren’t that many. White is a good color for girls when they wear light brown, it will lighten up a bit their outfit. For clothes that are of a darker brown, the best would be a red or orange bag. If you want to have a more mature air, then go with closer shades of brown, but still different, so as not to confuse the clothing with the accessories.

Bags for purple clothes – the best choice would be choosing complementary colors (green, orange, blue) or close shades, but with a visible contrast. Be careful when wearing clothes of a darker purple, because these must be matched with pastel colors, or light ones from the same range – use only contrasting, complementary colors.

Bags for green clothes – green is the color of spring, of hope and life and is best matched with the color of the sun, of the sky or of the blood. So, for green clothes, you could choose yellow, blue or red bags. To better highlight the outfit, you can also match it with complementary colors, like purple, orange and navy blue.

Bags for cream or beige clothes – these shades are generally used for suits - office attires, that impose a certain conduct and presence. So in order to maintain this line, you must choose strident colors, but the ones that are in perfect harmony with the clothes, but that still have a certain contrast. You can choose navy blue, brown, taupe, fawn, black and for the most daring, red bags.

Bags for red clothes – the best colors for red clothes are black, white, yellow, green, blue, navy blue or orange bags.

Author Bio: Jordon has an impressive years as a fashion designer in the fashion industry. He has a wonderful career as a fashion expert and had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest clients all over the world. You can also find his articles and more about him by landing here.

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