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Armored truck crashes: Money bags spill over highway, passersby sprint to loot

An armored truck turned over and out spilled bags of money along the highway, which was a sight that quickly drew a crowd of people scrambling to the site of the bags of cash. If you happened to be driving down the highway at the time on Route 10 in Rhode Island, the clear plastic bags and the white canvas duffle bags stuffed with money would have definitely caught your eye. The crowd scrambling around the money was also an eye-catcher!

Money bags spill all over Cranston, RI highway after armored truck splits. Passersby scrambled to get to it!
Getty images/ file archive

According to MSN News on Aug. 31, the driver of the Garda armored truck lost control going southbound on Route 10 Saturday afternoon. The truck swerved and left the highway then flipped on its side when hitting the grass area along the side of Route 10.

The New York Post reports today that a little after 2 p.m. on Saturday, bags of money flew onto the highway in Cranston. “There were bags of it all over the place,” said Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valetta. He also added, “There were quite a few people here.”

Witnesses said that the money literally “flew” out of the armored truck and onto the side of the road. State police arrived and watched as another armored truck was sent to the scene to collect the money and transfer it to the replacement truck.

There were two people in the armored truck and both sustained bruises and cuts in the accident. They may also have neck and back injuries, but neither were seriously hurt.

As for the money, did some of it go missing before the State Police were able to secure the scene? While passersby swarmed to the scene, Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta Jr. said it isn’t clear if any of the money went missing.

The Garda World Security Corp is having a rough month. This is the same armored truck company whose driver left a bag of money on top of an armored car as it was pulling away from an Atlantic City, New Jersey casino. That bag was seen on top of the truck as the vehicle pulled out of the view of the casino’s security camera, but it was never seen again.

Chances are it flew off in transit somewhere and someone picked it up. That bag had over $20,000 stuffed inside, so it was a nice find for someone. You can hear more about the Atlantic City bag of money in the video above.

As far as this latest armored truck mishap in Rhode Island, there’s no news on how much money that truck was carrying or if any of it did go missing during the scramble to the side of the road by folks driving by.

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