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Baghdad brothel shooting leaves 12 dead: Gunmen kill 7 women and 5 men

Baghdad brothel shooting leaves 12 dead as violence grows at rapid pace in Iraq.
Baghdad brothel shooting leaves 12 dead as violence grows at rapid pace in Iraq.
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A Baghdad brothel was a gruesome scene of blood shed as gunmen killed seven women and five men inside a house of ill repute. This latest act of violence with 12 people shot and killed in Iraq’s capitol was similar to another brothel killing by gunmen last year, according to France 24, on Jan 7.

This attack was in the same area as the one last year and in both attacks 12 people were killed. The gunmen entered an apartment in the Zayouna area of East Bagdad and opened fire in today’s attack. Last year they entered a house being used as a brothel.

The level of violence in Iraq is back to what was seen in 2008. In the first few days of January of this year, more people were killed than last year in Iraq.

France 24 reports:

“ It took just five days for this month’s death toll to surpass that for last year.”

Last week gunmen shot 12 people who were in a row of adjoining alcohol shops after restraining police at a checkpoint in the area.

According to RTE News today, local leaders in the besieged city of Fallujah are urging al-Qaeda-linked militants to leave the city. This is the only way they will avert impending military assault.

With tanks and artillery surrounding the city, deployed by the Iraq army, an attack is looming. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has agreed to give the people of Fallujah time to push the militants out of the city before moving in.

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