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Baghdad brothel: Gunmen kill 12 including seven women, five men

12 people are dead after a shooting at a Baghdad brothel.
12 people are dead after a shooting at a Baghdad brothel.

12 people are dead after gunmen entered into a Baghdad brothel on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, and opened fire. Yahoo News reported that the gunmen entered into an apartment in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday and that is where the attack took place.

The 12 people killed included seven women and five men.

The apartment where the Baghdad brothel shooting took place was in the Zayouna area. Last year, a similar attack happened in this very same area.

That attack happened on May 22, 2013, where 12 people again had died at a house in Zayouna that was attacked by gunman. That house was also being used as a brothel.

Just the week before that, 12 other people had been shot at a series of connecting alcohol shops in the nearby area.

Reports state that the death toll from Jan. of 2013 has already been matched in the first five days of this year.

Sources report that the violence in Iraq is hitting levels that have not been since sometime back in 2008. That is when Iraq was coming out of a horrible time period secretarian killings. Now, people are beginning to see signs of the same.

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