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Bagels and Brew celebrates National Bagel Day February 9 with a free bagel

Bagel and Brew will give everyone a free bagel in honor of National Bagel Day February 9
Bagel and Brew will give everyone a free bagel in honor of National Bagel Day February 9
Bagels and Brew

Another special day is coming on February 9 and Bagels and Brew's three locations in Orange County will help you celebrate it. Sunday, February 9 is National Bagel Day and in honor of the celebration of one of the world's most favorite breads, Bagels and Brew will be giving away a free bagel to every customer. Last year, in honor of National Bagel Day, Bagels and Brew gave away over 1,700 free bagels. This year, the locations in Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo and Lake Forest will again treat their customers to a free bagel.

“We hope to continue growing our neighborhood feel and building our community by saying thanks to our loyal customers and inviting new guests to try us with a free, gourmet bagel,” said Michelle McKay, Co-proprietor of Bagels & Brew. Bagels and Brew recently celebrated their 19th year of providing delicious bagels to Orange County residents. Bagels and Brew bakes all their bagels in-house, from the humble egg and plain bagels to the works bagels, cinnamon raisin, bialys, banana nut and many more.

National Bagel Day celebrates the round, delicious bread that is popular not only for breakfast and lunch but as a tasty snack. Toasted, buttered, covered with a schmear of cream cheese or a nice jam, it is a great way to start the morning. The classic serving of a bagel with cream cheese and lox, the popular smoked salmon, is a favorite treat for many people. Bagels and Brew has even taken it a step further, making sandwiches out of the bagels with ingredients such as turkey, salami, burgers, charbroiled chicken breasts and more.

The bagel started off in the 16th century, with various sources naming Poland and Austria as the place of origin. It is definitely known that the baker was Jewish and became immensely popular in Poland. Eventually, European Jewish immigrants brought the bagel to America. New York became the center of bagel productions and the rest is history. A second style, somewhat different from the New York bagel, is the Montreal style bagel, a slightly sweeter and crispier version. By the latter part of the 20th Century, the bagel had become a favorite treat for many in the United States and Canada, with bagel bakeries all over the North American continent.

Bagels and Brew will be giving away a free bagel on National Bagel Day to each of it's customers at their Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo locations. It is a great way for Orange County residents to enjoy one of the treats that is a symbol of America's melting pot, something that began as an ethnic food and has gained popularity through the United States and Canada with everyone.

Bagels and Brew


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