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Bagel Thins


Bagel Thins is a new product by Thomas Bagels. It is about half the size of a regular bagel, which makes it easier to make sandwiches. But it may not quench your bagel thirst.

If you are watching your weight, it is a good substitute as it is only 110 calories for each thin. This is more than half the calories of a regular bagel. Now just stay away from the cream cheese. It is a fair price at around $3.00 for a pack of eight.

These Bagel Thins are similar to Arnold's Sandwich Thins. Except, Arnold does not claim it to be a bagel. It is a flat bread that is only 100 calories. They have a variety of healthy flavors such as honey wheat, 100% whole  wheat, multigran, seedless rye, and  whole grain white.

Picture by: Thomas Bagels

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  • bob 4 years ago

    yesss, just what ive been waiting for. bagels with more room for meat inbetween

  • kirsten Antony 4 years ago

    wow! i have always wanted a smaller bagel : ) with such a varieties of flavors what will I choose??? the decisions. What does Heidi suggest? thank you for quenching my bagel thirst!

  • Heidi 4 years ago

    Kirsten, you raise a good question. I would suggest the everything bagel thin, because I love flavor. But if you want a real bagel hit up Einstein bagels.I like the dutch apple one. Check out my article on it. Now there is not one where you are from. But I suggest you take a road trip to the cities, when you are able. :)

  • Heidi 4 years ago

    Bob, I agree this is a good thing. Sometimes a bagel sandwich can be tricky to eat.