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Bagel and Lox

Bagel and Lox
Bagel and Lox
Jessica Mardo

Lox is cured salmon that is thinly sliced. It is usually served on a bagel. This food was introduced by Eastern European Jewish immigrants.

So how do you prepare the Bagel and Lox sandwich? First, you would want to toast the bagels. Then, apply the cream cheese. Add capers and onions into the cream cheese. Add a thin slice of tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper. Lay strips of smoked salmon on the bagels and your done.

Perhaps, making sandwiches is not your scene. Well, Minneapolis, there are places that serve this sandwich. You can check out Common Roots Café, The Brother's Deli, Brueggers, Al Vento, or Cecils just to name a few.

Photo By: Jessica Mordo

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