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Bag and possession limits set for the 2014-15 migratory bird hunting seasons

Bag limits, days and hours for hunting certain migratory birds in the 2014-15 hunting seasons have been set by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS). The announcement was made in the Federal Register on Friday, Aug. 29, a day after FWS announced the frameworks for selecting hunting dates for the seasons. The rules take effect immediately.

The new regulations cover the seasons, hours, areas, and daily bag and possession limits for mourning, white-winged, and white-tipped doves; band-tailed pigeons; rails; moorhens and gallinules; woodcock; common snipe; sandhill cranes; sea ducks; and early (September) waterfowl seasons. They; also cover migratory game birds in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands; youth waterfowl day; and some extended falconry seasons.

If you have any questions, contact Ron W. Kokel at FWS’ Division of Migratory Bird Management, (703) 358-1714.

The latest announcement is the sixth one this year FWS has put out regarding proposed or final rules for the seasons. It tries to maximize public comment periods while operating under deadlines to get the seasons going. It also tries to take advantage of the latest environmental information.

The emperor geese season is closed already. Duck bag limits can include only one canvasback per day and no sea ducks. The bag and possession limits for Canada geese and light geese (including snow geese and Ross’ geese) will amount to four and 12 respectively, but in some areas further restrictions apply.

The limits for sandhill cranes will be two and six, except in most of the North Zone, where they will be three and nine.

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