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See also: Review via Ginae is gear for the timeless man. There's not a lot of gear. There's no car junk. No tees, no kicks, no caps. No beer. But, they pretty much have your faces covered, guys. What they have is solid. We lent the following two items to one of our male friends and being a typical guy, it was difficult to get anything out of him other than, "I loved 'em. I freakin' loved 'em."


Really??? I prod further. Did they clean well? Did you smell lovely, like a man afterwards?

"Loved 'em. Freakin' loved 'em."

We received from BadRicks;

Lock Stock and Barrel (LSB) Bar ($12.95)
Mug Scrub ($14.95)

Granted, we understand that there probably is not a ton of guy gear out there, when it comes to the face and he was happy to get it. We understand. We also understand that he really liked the scents. Shoot, we did too! But, unlike our friend, we are able to tell why we like certain products and not others. is not a fancy web site. There's no fluff. No recipes. No gossip. No girl crap. Just man gear. For the face.

Both of these items are tobacco and vanilla scented and it's a nice aroma. Apparently, guys just love 'em!

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