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Badmaash, Not The Usual Indian Restaurant: Los Angeles, California

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Badmaash means rebel, naughty, notorious, a person who does what he or she wants. Nakul Mahendro, the owner of the Badmaash Restaurant, explained, “When we were young, my father said, ‘Be good boys, don’t act like a Badmaash.’ “They call our restaurant, the Badmaash of the Indian culinary world.”

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Nakul’s Bombay Street Carts are reminiscent of the street carts in villages and cities around the world. He commented, “Cart operators are busy making these dishes all day. Anywhere you go especially in Asian countries, street food has most flavor.

We brought our Bombay, India Street Cart to Los Angeles. This could be a meal-on-the-go or to eat in the dining room.”

One of Nakul’s Bombay Street Cart selections includes the Holy Cow! Kaema POW!! Nakul discussed his recipe, “Holly Cow! Is the Indian version of a sloppy Joe.

Normally either chicken, lamb or goat is the main ingredient. We feel it is like chili and use Angus beef because of its texture, flavor and good amount of fat.

The chef slow-cooks the stew with tomatoes, ginger, cardamom, spices and seasonings. Then he serves it on a crisp bun; Cows are sacred in India. If you are going to eat meat it might as well eat the holy cow. It tastes better.”

The Two-Bite Fish Fry is browned in chickpea batter with carom seeds and dried mango dust.

Most people have never tasted these dishes before. There is another section of the menu which serves glamorous food. Food that looks so good, you must try it.

One of these selections, short ribs take two days to prepare. We massage the meat with a dry rub.

At night the ribs soak in a wet marinade of ginger, garlic, green chilies and tomatoes. We allow time to marinade overnight and braise them in the morning.

This is old-school, no technology. We cover the short ribs, stick them in the oven and cook six-to-seven-hours. This depends how big and thick they are. This recipe takes preparation.

Let them cool then heat in its own cooking liquids. After we cook the short ribs they fall apart. We have fun with Indian flavors.”

Badmaash’s menu does offer Tandoori, Vindaloo, curry and

other traditional Indian cuisine.

For information, call (213)-221-7466. The Badmaash Restaurant at 1089 West 2nd Street, #104, downtown Los Angeles, California.