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Badly in need of enchantment

Badly in need of enchantment
Badly in need of enchantment

Is the magic lost? What is the magic/enchantment anyway? Believing, the importance and they are of, likability, trustworthiness and a great cause, at least that is how Brand Guru Guy Kawasaki refers to it when defining options to clients about enchanting customers. I think he’s got it.

Enchantment with life

Operating from what it is that makes you feel secure. Depression is defined as being unhappy all the time. When you lose sight of what is truly fulfilling and not just meeting an immediate need or gratification, (which can suck the life out of you) you have focus on what the real meaning of the enchantment of life is. People become your objects to meet this need and if they fail, you lose enchantment with them, when it is you who needs to fine tune your adjustment.

What happens when you are no longer enchanted with stuff

The material things in life can only hold your attention for so long. They keep you busy for a time and the material things in life are used as a distraction to your inner life. Your souls being is calling you and you are at the crossroads, “should I stay or should I go.”

Higher love consciousness

Most people think they are operating from a level of higher consciousness but what it really is a level of wanting more power, more control, and so in time the disenchantment sets in. But the more in control you think you are the less enchanted you actually are. The thrill is gone, the magic is lost.

When you are in badly need of enchantment your addictions even appear useless

The key to getting enchantment back is that you are always coming back to the self. This may seem daunting to some, but it’s the true cycle of life. It’s the prodigal son coming back home. You reach, you reach and reach out further, only to find that happiness was no further than your own backyard all along.

Many people do not like this idea either, because they do not want to be responsible for their own energy, let alone for their own enchantment. That’s a lot to dump in someone’s lap who has spent many lifetimes blaming others and still hasn’t found what he or she is looking for. Like the great mindful movie Groundhog Day, and the enchanting line the maid says to that hateful woman in the marvelous movie, The Help, “ You are a Godless woman. Arent’ you tired yet Miss Hilly?”

You are the Christ Self

You keep looking for a sign that enchantment exists. You are the embodiment of all that is. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Patience and compassion with yourself Grasshopper.

You may find your enchantment with life is not as pure as you thought. If you have been living in the “outer” world this is not what you have come to expect. Putting fire under people to get them to bid your will by scaring and controlling, well, there is nothing enchanting about that.

The way out is in, bring your mind into your body. Most of the time your mind is not within your body, in that mindfulness teaches us. When you are truly hear in the here, in the and now, transformation and healing does occur. Enchantment happens.

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