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Bad Pet Owner

Baxter is currently available for adoption at the Longmont Humane Society
Baxter is currently available for adoption at the Longmont Humane Society
Longmont Humane Society

We all make mistakes, right? Well, I made a big one the other day, and I still feel guilty about it. Obviously, I like to write, but as well as these Examiner articles I do some fiction writing as well.

I was hard at work and completely involved in my story. When I’m in that mode, anyone who interrupts me takes their life in their hands. Kids were at school, husband at work, so I was sure I could make some solid progress.

But. Of course there’s a ‘but’. My animals were restless. I hadn’t walked them the day before, and apparently my open computer and intense focus was their cue to remind me. They pawed the floor, tangled themselves in my power cord and just would not leave me alone. Then they involved the cat. The three of them raced around the house—a total of near 200 lbs—of distraction. Needless to say, they ruined my mojo.

I put them outside. They whined. Then scratched. I threw toys out. They laughed. The cat flipped over a tube of sparkles from a child’s school project. Flipped it into my lap. It was open.

Despite looking like a fairy I still couldn’t focus.

So I got mad. I yelled at my annoying pets. Not for very long, but my throat hurt when I finally took a breath.

I knew I’d feel guilty later. And I did. I don’t know if they understood why I turned into a screaming mimi or not, but they were quiet for the rest of the morning. I forced myself to write, and ignore the thought that I had frightened my animals.

Finally, I let the dogs in, (and the cat out of the laundry room). They hung their heads and so did I.

Cesar Milan says dogs don’t hold grudges. Thankfully that seems to be true. We did go for a long walk that afternoon, and came home relaxed, refocused and tails wagging. Even the cat decided I wasn’t totally evil—though I had just fed her—and snuggled under my chin.

I blew it, I know, but I’ve promised to try very hard not to do it again. I think humans sometimes just need to let it out, but we are lucky our pets are so forgiving!


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