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Bad news on jobs

 The jobs report is out and reinforces what many of us know. The recession might be over for the big banks, but bad times still hang around for anyone looking for work. The Wall Street Journal reports that the unemployment rate is a steady 10% and with a long cold winter ahead, this continues to be a tough time. In the midst of difficult times, lots of people I speak to seem to be searching out new career directions and trying to turn hobbies into paying businesses. 

Last week I spoke to an acquaintance who had left a job as an investment advisor with a big bank. He found that as the banks got caught sleeping last year, many investors felt more comfortable dealing with a little guy. His business has actually been better than he ever expected. 

  I read a great article on examiner today about career goals (click this link). For some folks, this might be a good place to start. I have worked as a headhunter and banker, but after being laid of in August of 2008, decided to pursue my passion as a writer. I now work full time as a freelance technical writer. Keep your head up. Good times always follow difficult recessions. The secret is finding ways to adapt and manage in order to get through to the good times. 



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