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Bad news for Republicans: IPCC report warns of 'irreversible' climate extremes

Unprecedented melting could cause sea levels to rise 23 feet
Unprecedented melting could cause sea levels to rise 23 feet
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Republicans won't be happy about the leaked Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) draft report on Monday, because it contains the most dire predictions about climate change to date, which is something they don't believe exists.

The report is shocking in its bluntness, because it warns human-induced climate change may have already reached the tipping point and be past the point of no return and "irreversible".

The IPCC report is the 4th installment of the 5th periodic climate progress review that is compiled for from scientific contributions around the globe, which includes peer-reviewed work from almost 1,000 researchers.

Scientists work on a voluntary basis and receive no compensation from the IPCC.

The work is then approved at the federal level of over 120 governments.

A previous installment from IPCC earlier this year also contained strong terms about the dire consequences of a warming world and said that “no human would go unscathed” from climate change.

It should be noted, regardless of climate denier rhetoric, the IPCC is the most respected authority on climate change in the world and was the co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace prize for its collective work.

The report says consequences of global warming for future generations could be terrifying for humans and the environment, with likely irreversible heating trends.

Furthermore, the IPCC warnings about rising sea levels are exceptionally worrisome, according to media coverage.

The final report resulting from IPCC’s draft will be released in November in Copenhagen, but it’s not likely to get any rosier.

Meanwhile, the largest climate protest to date organized by will march in New York City at Columbus Circle on September 21st.

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