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Bad news for PCH fans: No one won the April super prize

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Publishers Clearing House announced on Friday that there would be no $7,000 a-week-for-life winner when the prize patrol team rolls into someone's town next week to deliver the sweepstakes giveaway money, according to the PCH Blog post dated April 25, 2104.

This is the second super prize drawing this year in which the coveted high-dollar prize will not be awarded to a recipient. In the prior drawing back in February, as well as the drawing this month, a second-chance drawing will be held instead in order to find an alternative winner for the sweepstakes. But that winner should not expect to be handed a million dollar check when Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam com calling, despite the fact that they will win a million dollars total.

That's because the payout schedule for the second-chance drawing winner is $25,000 per year for 29 years, with a final lump sum payout of $375,000 in the 30th year, when most winners will be living as a senior, if they are still alive.

Based upon a review of the PCH Winners Circle data, there have only been three instances in which sweepstakes entrants won the "thousands a week for life" super prize payout. The first was D. Gray of South Orange, New Jersey in February 2009, the second was J. Wyllie of White City, Oregon in August 2012 and the third was M. Miller of Morro, Illinois in August 2013. Otherwise, Publishers Clearing House has only awarded second-chance drawing winners the $25,000 a year for twenty nine years, with a final lump sum payout of $375,000 thirty years after the actual winning date.

So if you are looking for a real million dollar prize payout in full at the time of your win, you need to enter a different sweepstakes or, if you don't object to gambling, then to play the lottery, as the odds are not in your favor with this particular company based upon their winner statistics and recent announcement.