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Bad-mouthing your ex


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel they must curse their ex at the top of their lungs. However, if you have children, that may not be the best idea. It really doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you and your children have with your ex because what matters are the hearts and minds of your children.

Your children are made up of half of the DNA from the other parent and thus, will always identify themselves with them, be it a good thing or not. Bad-mouthing the other parent leads to confusion on the part of the child and conflicting emotions. If they respect and love the other parent, they will undoubtedly end up resenting you for those comments. If and when your ex does something to warrant bad-mouthing, if you have to say anything aloud, it should be an open, honest talk without any anger, malice, or spite in your voice. You can tell the kids how things are or tell them that the behavior is not acceptable but resorting to name calling or anything of the sort will only plunge you into the villainous character you do not want to be or worse, turn them into bad-mouthing adults as well.

Children do what they see and hear so make sure you’re acting in such a manner that encourages them to be honest, vulnerable, loving individuals. We need more of those around!


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