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Bad-mouthing the animals

Bad-mouthing the animals

Why do we often abuse the good names of animals by using their names to berate other human beings? The animals are innocent; we’re the guilty ones. Look at the following animals and think about what we come up with using their names.

Bat; cow, jackass, pig, hog, hippo, lemming, loon, weasel, pussy, rat, snake vixen, wolf, vulture. How do we use those names in a negative way? See how many you can come up with and then look at the list.

Don’t listen to anything he has to say; he’s batty.
He’ll never understand that. He’s as dumb as an ox.
He rants on and on like the jackass that he is.
Boy, has she gained weight; what a cow.
He eats like a pig.
He hogged all the pie for himself
She’s as fat as a hippo
He does whatever his buddies do. He’s just a lemming.
Have you met his sister? She’s crazy like a loon.
My brother-in-law is always trying to weasel some money out of me.
He’s afraid of his own shadow. He’s such a pussy.
Look what that dirty rat did to us!
You’re nothing but a snake in the grass.
Stay away from her; she’s a vixen if there ever was one.
He’s nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Watch out for him. He’s a real vulture.
Stop horsing around!
Man, what squirrelly behaviour!
He’s a queer duck! Then there is the lame duck.
She’s a real albatross around my neck.
The women avoid his like the plague. He’s a real barracuda.
That bad news really sticks in my craw.
How can he date her? She’s a real dog.

We seldom use animals to convey something nice, such as:
He is eagle-eyed (or swift as an eagle)
What a beautiful swan dive. (or she’s as graceful as a swan)
She is pretty as a kitten (or puppy)
He’s a cool cat.
She’s as colorful as a peacock. (The males of the species are more colorful, as is the case with many different types of birds).

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