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Bad Habit Makes Nasty Puppy Kisses

Sweet dog kisses are too special not to enjoy
Sweet dog kisses are too special not to enjoy
Creative Commons: TheGiantVermin

Stop. Are you sure you want those puppy kisses? This is a real "ewww gross" moment, but there are solutions for one of the nastiest dog behavior problems. Solutions that require vigilence, commitment and veterinary assistance: coprophagia. Or eating poop.

Sorry, "ewwwwwww."

Older dogs as well as puppies can develop this noxious habit. The first step is a thorough veterinary exam to make certain that your dog is not missing minerals or vitamins in his diet. Supplements or drug therapy may help. It is also very important to check for internal parasites in a dog with coprophagia.

As distasteful as it for their people, basically, dogs eat feces because they taste good. If your dog is eating its own, or those of other dogs in the household, add things to your dogs food bowl that will make poop taste bad. Pineapple, garlic and spinach may help. Commercial additives, like Deter or Forbid, may also curb the attraction. Try a low fat dog food, and slow down his eating. If he eats too fast and the food comes out the other end partially digested, it may be too tempting to resist a second round.

Keep your yard clean. Pick up your dog's poop as soon as he makes it. If your dog poops while on leash, pull him away promptly with a "leave it" command and clean it up. Pay attention. Be diligent.

Try to keep your dog well-exercised and entertained. A bored, anxious dog is more apt to adopt bad habits, including poop eating.

Keep your dog kissable. Dog affection destresses people; it's worth avoiding nasty habits.



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