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Bad Girls Club Season 12 Premiere

Bad Girls Club Season 11 Cast
Bad Girls Club Season 11 Cast
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In the words of Redd: "Chicago, we hea!"

The 12th season of Bad Girls Club has arrived, and it's taking place in Chicago. This season seems to take a different angle since the girls will be seen by a therapist so that they can try to improve themselves. However, don't be too alarmed - it's clear that there will still be a few Bad Girls style brawls to look forward to.

Here are some thoughts on the most memorable bad girls:

Alex - Alex is the gorgeous model of the house. She insists that he has an image to uphold because she wants to work with kids. For starters, she doesn't consider her image when she constantly makes snarky comments about the other girls. Also, it's clear that if one that truly cares about their image and refuses to fight...they shouldn't be on The Bad Girls Club to begin with. We'll see how long she lasts.

Jada - Jada is the cute little blond that constantly talks about her stint in jail. This is obviously something that she is going to constantly bring up. Doing jail time can definitely give you street credibility, but let's be real. She got in trouble for driving without a license. Enough said.

Linsey - So far, Linsey is the hot mess of the cast. Once she starts talking to Jonica about Michael Jackson, it's clear that she has some serious issues. So far,she's already had a run-in with Jada over missing items, doesn't know the difference between Chicago and Boston, and will have a major meltdown in the next episode which will likely cause her to leave. She actually is not placed in the Bad Girls Club photo shoot that takes place later in the season, so it's clear that she will go home early.

Redd - Redd is the big girl of the house. She has been compared to Tanisha from Season 2, and there are clearly some similarities. Of course, her "shtick" is constantly joking about how she likes food, and she is pretty funny. However, Redd seems to have a bisexual side and takes a liking to Jada. Previews show that things with Redd and Jada will take a turn and they will have an explosive argument.

Loren - Loren has the very deep Southern accent and claims that she wants to be less "thuggish." She has issues about her relationship with her father, and this is something that she will be dealing with on the show. The main interesting issue is that Loren does the best Bad Girls rap when the girls are in the limo, and Jada sits silent. Isn't she suppose to be the "Rough Rhymer?"

Quite frankly, Jonica and Britt seemed to hide under the radar in this first show. Jonica talks about how her experiences with her father have led to her lack of commitment, and the only time Britt seemed to show any emotion is when Linsey started to act out.

Season 12 seems as if it will be interesting. View on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm on Oxygen.

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