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Bad Flood

Bad Flood
Bad Flood
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When I first migrated to ColoRADo, the worst flood in recent history erupted upon the glorious, normally sunny state. Seven straight days of torrential, treacherous rain flooded the green state as homes and lives were demolished. People joked that I brought the shitty weather from the lone star state. I arrived in Golden, Colorado just days after the devastating event.

This Memorial Day Weekend, Colorado experienced turbulent thunderstorms, beautiful skies and severe flooding. I received a phone call Saturday evening during a live performance of The Fox Feathers, a local Boulder band, from my mother who proceeded to tell me the entire basement was flooded. Water busted through the window (window well) that ultimately blew my CD's and DVD's all around the room. My collection of over twenty years of entertainment was splattered sporadically throughout the entire lower level of the house, located close to Lookout Mountain. My laptop was situated on my desk right next to the busted window and fell onto the floor. Luckily, my "stepfather" was home and rushed to recover it. The verdict of whether or not it can be revived is to be determined.

The irony of the entire ordeal is that I am such a music fanatic and listen to music every second of the day, unless I am sleeping. I love singing and writing about music and through recent exposure from and an increasing fan base on a Facebook page I created, MJ's Musical Pop Thrill, my music literally has drowned and continues to bring new meaning to my life.

What does this mean for the future of MJ's Pop Musical Thrill - Good or Bad?