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Bad Facebook friend request: Robber tries to make nice with woman he attacked

A robber tries to send a woman a Facebook friend message
A robber tries to send a woman a Facebook friend message
Courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons

A hopeful robber made a very foolish Facebook friend request that might just have resulted in him getting caught for the crime. When the alleged female victim opened up her Facebook profile page the day after she was attacked this week, she was shocked to find that she had received a friend request on the social media site from none other than the man who had accosted her. The Independent shares this strange news story this June 1, 2014, and the bad thinking behind this particular attempt to make nice with a woman he’d harmed just the day before.

While waiting patiently in a ferry terminal in the state of Washington earlier this week, a woman felt a blow to the back of her head and was robbed by a man she did not know. It later turned out that the very same man soon sent her a message via Facebook to become her online “friend.” She recognized the alleged suspect — 28-year-old Riley Allen Mullins — from his profile picture, and immediately went to turn the attacker in. Talk about weird news — and a bad idea for a Facebook friend request.

ABC News shares a few more compelling details about this surprising robbery case. While the unidentified victim was listening to music with a pair of earphones on, sitting in Bremerton ferry terminal, she claims that she was struck roughly in the back of the head. Officials released in their crime report that the assailant then snatched the woman’s purse and iPod before fleeing the scene.

Although she was only able to catch a glimpse of the man’s face, she was able to intently remember seeing a big, triangular tattoo on the nape of his neck following the attack. While trying to recover from the harrowing experience the very next day, the victim said she received an unusual Facebook friend request from someone she didn’t know. It remains unknown at this time what the man's fascination with the woman was.

Soon after the individual's attempt to make nice, the woman thought it might be the very same suspect who had robbed her previously. It was his visible triangular tattoo on his neck that stood as the big giveaway, and police were soon able to verify that the Facebook account did indeed belong to Riley Mullins, who was arrested for the thieving crime. Needless to say, the female victim chose not to accept this particular friend request on the popular social media network.