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Bad Businesses Can't Hide Online: All European Auto Repair Las Vegas

All European Auto Repair Las Vegas
Raymond Santopietro

Social media and testimonial/review websites give consumers the ability to fight back against businesses that employ deceptive and unsatisfactory practices, and in the modern internet age the consumer has the ability to make an informed choice based not only on the advertisements that are put out by a business, but also by the documentation of the experiences that real customers have when dealing with them. In the past, consumers had only the advertising that was put out by a business to go on, and potentially a testimonial if you happened to know someone who had used that business before. A bad business could easily continue to deceive potential customers by advertising only their positive aspects and customer reviews, leaving anyone who had a poor experience at the business virtually powerless and voiceless, unable to warn others of their bad experiences. For many years, businesses did not have to be concerned about the quality of service they performed, all they had to do is advertise more and attract new customers, never having any concern for the ones they had lost. Many businesses were built on the "churn and burn" mentality of never expecting anyone to ever come back a second time, which gave them the ability to run their businesses without being concerned about the ramifications of their poor business tactics. The internet has changed all that, and now websites like Yelp, Insiderpages, Google Reviews and others are putting the power back into consumer's hands, and giving them a platform to discuss their experiences with a business. Other consumers can read these reviews as part of their decision-making process and make a more informed decision about the business they are considering. As a result of this shift, many businesses are having to reconsider their ability to deceive their customers, and they are being forced to provide better service.

All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas is a small repair shop that specializes in European-manufactured cars like Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar. There are few competing businesses in the space within the Las Vegas area, the major competitors being Frank's Automotive and the dealerships. Due to the lack of available choices, many people like myself make decisions based on the proximity to their homes, and the inconvenience of getting their car to the shop. Many people will simply Google "Mercedes repair" and choose from the local options in Las Vegas, deciding based upon the distance to their house. All European Auto Repair will probably be the choice if you live in the Southwest of Las Vegas, if you are judging based upon nothing but proximity. As an example of consumers having the ability to voice their opinions about a business, and the power to make an informed decision based on customer reviews, I put forth their example. I took my Mercedes in to All European Auto Repair because the battery light was coming on, and I was getting warnings that the battery was not fully charged. All European Auto Repair diagnosed the problem and stated that I needed two new batteries to be installed, one being a primary and one being a secondary. The work was ordered and paid for, and the car was returned a few days later. Within a few weeks, the battery light started coming on again, and the car was returned to All European Auto Repair, this time being diagnosed as a "control module in the trunk" being faulty, and would need to be replaced at a charge of over $1,000. When asked why they did not check for this faulty module the last time, and chose instead to replace the batteries, it was stated that there was no way of knowing that the module was bad, and that the batteries were bad anyway. Something seemed wrong with this scenario, and the car was pulled and taken to another shop. As we were asking for the car back, the owner began offering discounts if we would just get the work done there, which added to the fishiness of the situation.

After taking the car to another shop, a diagnostic was run to see the problems. This diagnostic revealed that there were no issues with modules in the car, and the actual problem was that the primary battery was bad and no longer holding a charge very effectively. When informed that the battery was just replaced at another shop, the technician asked "was that other shop All European Auto Repair on Russell Road? They do this all the time." As it turns out, the battery in my car was never replaced, and was the original battery that was installed at the factory when the car was built. Because this seemed unbelievable to me, they took me to the car to show me both the date code on the battery itself (manufactured the year before the car was built in 2006) as well as the red paint stripe across the terminals which indicates a factory installed battery. All European Auto Repair had charged me over $200 for a new battery and install, then only charged up the existing battery. When it was returned they attempted to sell me parts that the car did not need, all due to the fact that they had never replaced any part that was faulty, knowing that it would be returned and potentially involve another $1,000 bill.

After this scenario was complete and the car was back home and running fine with a new battery replaced by the other shop, I decided to do a little checking into All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas by looking at online reviews. I was shocked to see many, many negative reviews stating similar experiences and very few positive reviews. In retrospect, I never would have used a shop that had such poor online chatter from customers, and would have taken the car to a different shop, even if it was less convenient. The moral of the story is that bad businesses like All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas cannot hide their poor business practices anymore, unless customers do not use the tools at their disposal to get a sense of the business. A few minutes of online research can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in costly mistakes, just like what happened to me. You can see the online reviews for All European Auto Repair by clicking here. All European Auto Repair In Las Vegas

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