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Bad boy trilogy runaway success

Jay Crownover has topped the adult romance charts with her Marked Men trilogy. "Rome" (William Morrow) appeared in January to critical acclaim and boosted sales of "Rule" and "Jet" ($13.99 each in paperback).

Crownover self-professes a love of tattoos and offbeat romantic matches. She has translated these passions into fast-moving fiction where the bad boy quickly wins the perfect princess's heart. The only problem is the bad boy isn't interested.

"Rule" introduces Rule Archer, who not only sports some serious tattoos but also piercings, and Shaw Landon, a pre-med princess who dated Rule's deceased twin brother. Too much alcohol and too little self-control drives them to each other even though both worry about falling apart before they can fall in love.

"Jet" follows the same theme but with a different set of characters. Jet Keller wears black leather and a blacker gaze. Southern belle Ayden Cross has already had her share of bad boys and bad times. She can't resist Jet's raw energy and sheer physical force, but she stubbornly holds back on revealing her real feelings. Who will break first?

"Rome" continues the "bad boy meets good girl" theme, one which never seems to tire readers. Crownover has found a style which suits her fans. Enough said.

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