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Bad arguments attacking gay marriage and atheists by radio talk show hosts

Sometimes I wonder why I bother listening to conservative talk radio, every now and then. One host this morning talked about the Tony award winner who stated, "without him (God) nothing is possible." Some atheists were critical of the remark.

My main criticism with it, is that it is not true and it undermines the great accomplishments of human beings in the arts, sciences, literature, etc. We have, and we hopefully will continue, to accomplish amazing things without a god watching over us.

The host also stated that atheists like me know that the statement is true, a takeoff of the common fallacy that atheists are repressing a belief in a god. No, we aren't.

A god might exist, though improbable, but we aren't repressing a belief so we can have sex filled parties, or what not. I doubt any atheist conventions are this way, but if they are, that might be a way to get more people to come.

Another radio host talked about Wisconsin's ban on marriage equality for gays and lesbians being struck down. She stated that the ban was necessary to "protect" marriages, the family and probably apple pies and baseball.

This is a common, though idiotic, argument. Marriage is not protected by gays being banned from it, anymore then it was protected when interracial couples were banned from it.

She also stated that gays being able to marry will "redefine" the family. No, it won't, because there have been gay couples throughout history. The more tolerant the society, the less hidden they had to be, but a gay couple, raising kids or not, is a family.

She also stated that the ban being lifted will increase tyranny because society can't "protect" the family anymore, which will lead to government tyranny, everyone wearing Hitler and Stalin mustaches, I guess.

The host also stated that the purpose of Lawrence v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court decision, about a decade ago, that struck down all state bans on sodomy, or homosexual sex, was to eventually get same sex marriage. No, it was to stop gay people for being locked up for what they do in their own bedrooms.

Other then sex workers, what consenting adults do in their homes is not a crime. The reason that sex work is still a crime largely rests with the same motivations that made homosexuality a crime, such as puritan/ religious beliefs of some.

The funniest part was the end where she stated but yes, she is on the pro-gay marriage side! What?!

One thing I agreed with this host, civil marriage licenses can't be based on religious beliefs. Marriage can't be denied because a supposed god doesn't like gays, Muslims, atheists etc, getting married. If they do we cease to be a secular republic with a secular constitution and become a form of theocracy.

So, if you want to support gay rights and continue the fight so gays in every state can marry, please think about supporting the Human Rights Campaign. Thanks.