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Bacon tacos or bacon flowers? America’s tasty decision for Bacontine's Day

Jack in the Box's Bacon Ranch Monster taco
Jack in the Box's Bacon Ranch Monster taco
Jack in the Box/Bacon Ranch Monster taco

Bacon probably isn't the first ingredient that comes to mind for a taco. However, if the local Jack in the Box has a picture of the new bacon taco in the window it’s a good idea to order the taco for lunch. The new Bacon Ranch Monster taco is just one option to fill the big day coming up. You will be celebrating Bacontine's Day on February 14 right? According to Penn Live on Sunday, the annual holiday is real and it falls on the same day as Valentine's Day. The day is set aside so fans come together in a celebration of bacon.

Foodies around the world will be uniting to share in their love of bacon. With the glorification of bacon in pop culture, it's a good idea to get a jump on this holiday. Our suggestion? Start early as Jack in the Box along with other restaurants are offering some epic choices. Getting back to the Bacon Ranch Monster taco, it’s a really good experience that merges a taco with a whole piece of bacon. It’s like a fusion food dream that can be inches from the taste buds with a quick drive-thru experience.

Looking for something more elaborate? Fair enough, then perhaps getting a bouquet of bacon flowers would be appropriate? With each bud replaced as a rolled piece of bacon, the beauty of this flower is it can be eaten for breakfast after giving the flowers to your true love. Of course they are are expected to share!

Of course if that’s not enough bacon, then the bacon shake is another choice of bacon craziness. Who wouldn't want bacon and ice cream together? It’s a bacon lover’s dream!

Over the last few years the idea of bacon has grown on foodies. Incorporating into pop culture, the celebration of Bacontine's Day sounds crazy but it’s good wholesome bacon fun. In fact the celebration even has a Facebook page!