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Bacon, Sage and Butternut Squash Pasta

Today's recipe is a creative pasta dish that people can savor. It is called ' Bacon, Sage and Butternut Squash Pasta'. If you are on a low or no carb diet then I recommend to not eat it. However a little cheating on your diet once in a while won't kill you. Here is the recipe link a long with a viewers review. '

This recipe is inspired by my amazing mom and grandmas who taught me to cook and to learn more 'from other great cooks. This pasta is a made-up, seasonal recipe that was a success in my family of 6 (our kids range from ages 18 to 6). Hope you enjoy it as well.'

They have this fantastic Italian restaurant in Framingham, Massachusetts right near Boston, Massachusetts. I recommend it it's called 'Paparazzi. Their portions are big and the prices are reasonable. If you don't feel like cooking then that's the place to go.

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