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Bacon prices skyrocket as thousands of baby pigs die off from virus in 27 states

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Baby pigs are dying off from porcine epidemic diarrhea and it has spread to 27 states in less than a year. This virus sweeping across the country will most likely cause bacon prices to jump 10 percent, according to NewsMax on April 9.

The porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus comes from China and officials are not sure how it made its way to America. The government is now researching how this type of virus spreads, while the pork industry has donated to the research of the disease to the tune of $1.7 million.

The production of pork could decline about seven percent this year, which is a big chunk for the U.S. as a top producer and exporter of pork. This seven percent drop would represent the biggest drop in more than 30 years for the pork business.

Anyone who has been in the grocery store lately knows that bacon has already skyrocketed in price. A pound of bacon now averages in price of $5.46, which is up 13 percent from last year. The price is expected to go up even more.

Craig Rowles, a farmer and a veterinarian, did all that he could do to protect his baby pigs from contracting the PED virus, but it still came and wiped out 13,000 pigs, most less than two weeks old. Rowles’ farm produces about 150,000 pigs a year.

This disease is not something human or other animals can get, it hits pigs only. The symptoms of diarrhea dehydrate the baby pigs and they die. Because they are so tiny, they dehydrate quickly. To save the some of the young pigs farmers “wean them and then pump them with clear fluids that hydrate them without taxing their intestines.” This works for the pigs that are older than newborns, which need to be euthanized because nothing can be done for them.