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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bacon Olympic medals? Olympian Sage Kotsenburg offers a hilarious take on bacon

Olympian Sage Kotsenburg and his bacon Olympic medal
NBC Olympics/Twitter

Sage Kotsenburg is an American snowboarder who is riding on top of the world. He won the first gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and now he is dreaming about bacon Olympic medals. According to Fox Sports on Tuesday the Olympic winner shared that the only thing better than winning an Olympic gold medal would be winning an Olympic bacon medal.

“Ahh I wish the Sochi medals were made out of bacon thoooo..!!” tweeted Sage Kotsenburg from his official Twitter account on Monday. While the idea sounded ridiculous, it was NBC Olympics who shared a picture of what it might look like if Sage really did have a bacon medal and it looked pretty good.

The family of Sage Kotsenburg definitely has been celebrating since the athlete won. Wanting to experience his Olympic run firsthand, the family rented out a movie theater to watch his performance in Salt Lake City. Having family, friends and neighbors see the run on the big screen was probably more excitement than most of the attendees could have imagined.

Sage Kotsenburg has a reputation of being down to earth and funny. His latest bacon remarks reminds everyone that he might now be an Olympic gold medal winner, but he is still the same great guy everyone knew before he went to Sochi.

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