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Bacon Brothers perform in concert on Ocean City, NJ Music Pier

Bacon Brothers perform in concert on Ocean City, NJ Music Pier
Bacon Brothers perform in concert on Ocean City, NJ Music Pier
Donald B. Kravitz

One of the brothers is a famous movie star and the other is a prolific musician, together they make up the outstanding band known as the Bacon Brothers. The band performed to a “Sold Out” audience at the Ocean City Music Pier, Monday evening, July 21, 2014

Bacon Brothers perform in concert on Ocean City, NJ Music Pier
Donald B. Kravitz

Coming from a music center that created its own sound, “The sound of Philadelphia,” Michael Bacon was already a presence on the Philadelphia music scene, playing at the famous Philadelphia Electric Factory.

In the early years, Michael would allow his younger brother Kevin to accompany him and at times allowing Kevin to sing along as Michael played a mandolin.

The story of their life plays a huge part in their music and who they are.

Why do the Bacon Brothers seem to enjoy returning to Ocean City, NJ, which you have done a number of times, to perform at the Music Pier?

We kind of feel at home at the shore,” said Michael.” “Coming back to Ocean City, NJ is a place we enjoy. It is a fun place to play and it works for us, we are comfortable there. The fans come out and really enjoy our music and we love playing for them,” said Kevin.

“We were raised in Philadelphia, across the river from New Jersey, (Delaware River). However, New Jersey has always been good to us and in a certain way it feels welcoming and warm,” added Kevin.

Both you and Kevin write the music for the band, do you share it equally?

“Kevin writes a lot more songs than I do,” said Michael. I spend the majority of my time composing instrumental music for film and television while Kevin puts his feelings down in song,” replied Michael

Since the Bacon Brothers was formed in 1995, the band has been a steady gig for you. Do you ever get tired of touring? (The 2014 Tour kicked off in January)

“No we love performing and creating. We enjoy making the audience happy and they react positively to the response they get in return. In fact, along with writing new music we decided to step back and look at some of our older songs and clean them up a little. These songs were an important part of our past; an important part of our lives,” said Michael.

The Bacon Brothers play all over the country, is there a venue style or size you prefer?

“We prefer and do best at more intimate sized venues. Maybe room for 450 to 1,200,” said Michael. “We feel comfortable and in touch with our audience in those style venues.” Kevin added, “Not being backed by a major record company leaves everything up to us. If we were to have a #1 hit record I am sure much of what we do and enjoy now would change.”

Anyone believing that the Bacon Brothers do not take their music seriously is making an horrendous mistake. Both Bacon brothers play Guitar and sing. They take turns on the lead vocals, and Michael is also a remarkable Cellist. In addition to singing and playing Guitar, Kevin also plays the Bongo Drums and the Harmonica. It would be easy to believe that some of the audience was there to see the movie star Kevin, but in truth they were there for the music and to enjoy a very talented band.

It has been said about the Bacon Brothers, “Michael Bacon is the nicest man you will ever meet in the music business,” and “Kevin will win you over with his kindness and smile.”

Well, now I can attest to everything being said about the warmth of the Bacon Brothers. They were responsive, funny, frank and very patient and pleasant….. just great to spend time with them in every way.

Bacon Brothers Official Website

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