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Bacon bandit craze: Woman's shocking reaction to bacon ice cream

Over the years ice cream has been enhanced by chocolate chips, strawberries, cookie dough, and more recently bacon! You've read right folks, bacon. Bacon is becoming the new craze as criminals are shooting when their bacon is missing while others are having unsavory reactions to its taste.

Bacon in ice cream

More Bacon Stories!

Apparently ice cream has reached a heavenly pinnacle that will leave many speechless and others more vocal. This was the case for a woman who was metaphorically blown away by the salty sweet flavor of her bacon ice cream. Burger King has skin in the game. They have introduced a bacon sundae. However, I can almost guarantee that people not react to the Burger King Sundae like infamous ice cream bacon lady.

Warning: This video contains no nudity (thank God) however the language used contains innuendos that may be inappropriate for viewers. Watch it now!

After watching the ice cream bacon video please express your thoughts. Do you believe this video is of a random woman or a hired actress?

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