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Bacon bandit craze: Questions for vegetarians who eat bacon?

Vegetarians are often asked questions that may appear to be silly and even ignorant. However, the questions are asked by meat eaters that want to understand the concept of the vegetarian life style.

Vegetarian with the exception bacon

One of the misconceptions of vegetarians is that they are healthier than meat eaters. Yet, a lot of vegetarians eat more processed foods which contain high levels of sodium. In addition, vegetarians tend to eat more carbohydrates. One could argue that the vegetarian diet is one that lacks balance, no meat with compromising substitutions.

As if the vegetarian lifestyle wasn't complicated enough. There are vegans who eat absolutely nothing that comes from any animal. This really adds more complication to eating in general. Now add baco-vegetarian to the list of vegetarian types.

That's right these are the vegetarians that love bacon so much it's the only meat they couldn't give up. Of course within any group of individuals there are often those who live, eat, and believe with the exception of X or Y.

Eventually the "exceptions" bridge out to develop sub-groups thus creating more confusion and a lot of damn shades of gray. The baco-vegetarians are not to be confused with vegetarians who eat fakon (fake bacon). They have their own identity, right! Got more questions than answers? You're not alone. Are you a baco-vegetarian, vegan, or a vegetarian of any kind? Got answers? Please share your thoughts.

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