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Bacon bandit craze: popcorn bacon for vegetarians and kosher

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Bacon, bacon, bacon. Is there a bacon committee that creates new ways to eat and pair what seems to be a pork delicacy? Bacon flavored popcorn can be added to the long list of bacon snacks.

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The Baconpop popcorn snack hasn't been produced by the use of real pork. It is vegetarian and kosher friendly. It is also microwaveable. As with any microwave popcorn, snackers can place their bag in the microwave and smell the flavor of butter and bacon.

There are some movie theaters that are serving the "real deal". The popcorn has real bacon made from real pigs. It is definitely not for vegetarians or those who eat kosher. This particular type of popcorn is greasy and buttery. It's almost like eating cheese curds you can only eat so many before getting sick. In fact, once you try once you may never eat it again!


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