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Backup cornerback Kavahra Holmes leaving LSU football team

LSU's Tiger Stadium
LSU's Tiger Stadium
Daniel Foster, Creative Commons Share Alike

Kavahra Holmes, the backup cornerback for the LSU football team has followed in the footsteps of Stephen Rivers, announcing that he is also transferring according to Saturday Down South's website on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Holmes, unlike Rivers, has been participating in spring practice with the LSU football team. Holmes made his announcement on Twitter Monday evening saying, “Its been great LSU, but its a new start of my life.. Thanks to all the coaches and fam here!" A few minutes later the post had been deleted.

Holmes' transfer has been confirmed by LSU, although no statements have been issued saying as to which school Holmes will transfer to.

Holmes redshirted his first year at LSU as a true freshman and only played in one game in 2013. Holmes sat out for the rest of the season in 2013 after an arrest in October for getting into a fight on campus and being charged with simple battery. He was then suspended from the team indefinitely.

Holmes is from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and came to LSU as a three star prospect as part of the 2012 signing class.