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'Backstreet Boy' Nick Carter marries Lauren Kitt in Santa Barbara

Nick Carter
Nick Carter
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Nick Carter has always been the ultimate object of lust, especially for women who grew up in the '90s. As the front man of “The Backstreet Boys,” he gained huge popularity quickly. When the band broke up, Carter fell out of the spotlight until he began a reality show with his family. Carter began dating Lauren Kitt a few years ago and the couple was engaged in early 2013. According to an April 13 report from Extra, Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt officially tied the knot yesterday in California. The wedding took place at sunset and was quite romantic.

Fans and even Nick Carter himself thought marriage would never come. Carter was a self-proclaimed “playboy” for much of his career and in the years after. When he decided that Lauren Kitt was someone he couldn't live without, he went to friend and former “Backstreet Boy,” Howie Dorough for advice. Both Dorough and A.J. McLean were a part of the wedding celebration and rehearsal dinner.

Aaron Carter, Nick Carter's younger brother was unable to attend the wedding or reception. Rumors have been swirling about bad blood between the brothers but they are false. The younger Carter was scheduled for an appearance on the opposite side of the country and was supposed to make it back for the reception, unfortunately the plane to take him to California had mechanical issues and he wasn't able to make it back. Sometimes circumstances and obligations get in the way of life.

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for the new Mr. and Mrs. Nick Carter. While there has not been official talk about children, it looks like it may be in the cards for the couple. Right now Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt are off celebrating their new commitment and fans are busy stalking social media for any glimpse of the new couple.