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Backlot: Santee, California - the So Cal - Cali Experience

Filming of a TV show in Santee, California - May 2014
Filming of a TV show in Santee, California - May 2014
L. M. Williamson

Backlot: Santee, California. Not Universal Studios. Not CBS Studios by Farmer's Market but by Santee Lakes on the west side of town.

When you see a huge sign in front of a house typically that means a "reveal" of some type. While the billboard sized sign pointed all fingers at a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show the reveal will have to wait for the airing of the show to find out what was behind the sign.

America is becoming accustomed to "reveals" be they Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Biggest Loser, or even the before and after of a house being flipped on cable tv. But the makeovers seem like they always are awarded to other people in other cities.

Not this time. On Monday, May 19, 2014 neighbors, passer-by-types, and crew prepared for the big reveal. A block party if you will. What will be a televised block party--what fun!

While block parties historically have centered around holidays the new school block parties center around reveals.

While it is not known if it was a repeat of a new car like Santee resident Susie Conway received in December of 2013--this time the rumors of construction work on the house swirled. A new car, a remodeled house, a _________fill in the blanks---it's undetermined.

Tune in to the Ellen DeGeneres Show and other media outlets for the rest of the Santee story or visit

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