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Backlog Challenge 2014

Like spring cleaning, but hopefully more fun.
Like spring cleaning, but hopefully more fun.

The backlog: a list of games intended to be played but, for one reason or another, have gone unplayed. It's a universal phenomenon for those who view gaming as a serious hobby, and everyone seems to have their own ways of dealing with them. Some binge several at a time, some try to tackle them in a steady stream, some just play whenever the mood strikes them.

Me? I like to make an event out of it. ...and by that I mean that making an event out of it is one of the few ways I have to ensure that I keep on it. I picked up on the prospect of Four in February last year (maybe the first good thing I've seen come out of Kotaku), and that was all well and good when I was still unemployed, but even while I had the full course of the day to work on games I found myself racing to the finish line to complete one of the longer games and even ended up going one day over on it. Rather than have to consciously avoid certain genres to make the prospect work, I had another idea: space it out over a year. Dedicate to a game each month, giving ample time to get through RPGs or other lengthier games while ultimately tackling a larger pool of software.

Of course, just like Four in February last year, I encourage anyone interested to join me in this endeavor and to share their game choices and progress. I apologize for not announcing this until a third of the way through the month, but taking that into consideration I certainly wouldn't hold it against anyone interested to make their first something short. I'd furnish you with a list if I'd honestly decided every game I plan on playing for the year, but I assure you I'll update each month as I complete (or not) the game I've selected.

See you back here by the end of the month. Good luck to all who decide to take up this challenge with me.