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Backlog Challenge 2014 - Earthworm Jim [ON HOLD]

Look what happens when you anthropomorphize your annelids.
Look what happens when you anthropomorphize your annelids.
Shiny Entertainment

When it comes to video games of the 16-bit era, there's a long list of titles that fell under one or several of my interests but went woefully unpurchased - and in many cases outright unplayed at all - due to personal lack of monetary authority at the time. Let's face it, unless your parents shared your gaming hobby or just had wads of discretionary cash to spare it could be a pretty hard sell to convince them to drop $60 at a time for you on a regular basis, especially if yours were anything like mine and just reverted to the old "Why don't you just replay the games you have?" argument time and again after your library started reaching past a dozen.

Quirky, actiony, and just plain bizarre when you try to explain it, Earthworm Jim distinguishes itself as a shining example of that list. Finding itself squarely within my go-to genre (2D platforming) and boasting both beautifully-animated sprite work and pervading sense of morbid wackiness, this seemed like a game tailor-made for me and I could hardly wait to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, due to various extenuating circumstances - among them a new writing gig I plan on managing alongside this one and a creeping case of game fatigue - I was unable to give Earthworm Jim the attention it deserves this month. In two short sessions I've managed to explore a decent bit of the totally-not-Hell second stage, but I'd hardly call that appropriate due for a game I'd been so looking forward to. So, with time available instead of difficulty the cause behind my barred progress, I'm invoking my right as head of this little self-imposed challenge and electing to put this game on hold instead of calling it a failure until such time as schedule and motivation can better accommodate it.

I know, all three of you who follow this are probably heartbroken. Don't worry, time heals all. You'll get over it.