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Back To School Routine Advice

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Parents and Students are having the blues. Going back to school is the most exciting time of the year. Everyone is shopping for school supplies, shopping for those favorite outfits and shoes. What are you most having the blues about? What does your school supply list look like? What is your budget for Back To School? The average household have more than one child to shop for.

There have been many deals arising in the last couple of weeks, from school age to college bound students. Walmart thus far has been popular for it's low prices on school supplies. Viewers have shared that fifty cent folders, fifty cent paper, and fifty cent crayons are unbelievable deals. Shopping for clothes has been a full-time job as your children are dragging you from one store to another. There has been a recent sale at Maurices, buy one get fifty percent off, or fifty percent off select jeans. Kohls Department store had a no tax day plus the use of ten dollar off coupons. Deals are everywhere, you can't believe your eyes. Target had 20% off the cover price on select books.

Back to school blues have caused some children anxiety. Children are now trying to cope with getting on a routine schedule. What do you think is an excellent bed time for school age children? Some readers have shared that it hasn't been easy sticking to a routine bed time during the summer months when there is no school. However parents have tried getting children to bed as early as 8:00 p.m. Parents have shared that children need eight to ten hours of sleep daily. A good nights sleep will help children to survive throughout the school day.

Parents are singing the blues as they are getting ready for homework and reading time nightly. To help with this process, set aside a time where the family can come together and complete homework or reading projects. This time will allow for everyone including parents to catch up on reading. Allow one to two hours to complete and check over homework.

Create a routine schedule so that everyone is on the same page to allow parents and children to finally get over the back to school blues. Please share your thoughts and ideas on how back to school blues are driving you or your children crazy. Please Share sales on school supplies, clothing, or shoes, or other necessities or programs to help people in need in your community.