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Back to the Grind

Many of us will return to a normal schedule today. We face the length of winter with thoughts of drudgery on our minds instead of hope and anticipation. I am blessed with a job I love and see the resumption of “normal” activities as joyous. I know that part of this joy is the anticipation of how Christ will show himself in the opening year.

With a new year we have resolutions and plans. These are often personal challenges to be better than we were last year. If you ask most people in June what New Year’s resolution they had ventured forth with, they would say that it had not lasted. What if as Evangelicals we venture into the new week, month, and year with anticipation that following Christ closely will yield real result in seeing him work in our lives.

Christ already knows what it ahead and will lead us through it well if we follow him. None of the challenges we face are bigger than Christ’s ability to handle them. Nothing is coming into our lives that we cannot walk through or be carried by Christ if we need it. Instead of going back to the grind, let us get back to the adventure. We are never alone in our journey. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.



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